Stop! That Race Inside Your Mind



Sometimes, our minds are so stubborn it’s unstoppable. Racing thoughts, worries, fears, what ifs, what’s next, what shoulds and the like occupy our minds. This kind of thinking is not bad, especially when science says we have this part of the brain–amygdala, that is responsible for cautiousness, and it’s a way to protect ourselves from any potential danger or harm.

When this goes out of hand, and by that I mean more often than not that your brain is governing your behavior and not you being the one in control, that is when we know, we should do something about it. Like, maybe save ourselves from this unproductive manner that eats our system and get back in the present and live life as it is, and ultimately, get something done for real.

Think about how many times you’ve agonized about something moronic, or rehearsed a conversation that might or might never happen anyway, or think about how you can make things better because you won’t accept a mediocre approach to things and because you consistently want the best, so you order your mind to come up with the great things and solutions, yet you never get to a conclusion despite overthinking about it.

Oftentimes, when life is a mess, our minds are even more so. But the question worth asking is: How do we deal about quieting our minds? How do we make things simple and how do we acquire the serenity despite the chaos happening in our lives, and inside us?

There is no perfect answer that will fit everyone. With different personalities and problem handling strategies we apply, surely some of you would beg to differ. But for the open-minded folks out there, you can consider the following suggestions and feel free to choose ways to help yourself.

1. Meditation

One of my friends, Ben, who studies psychology and who is a personality type enthusiast, suggests meditation as a way to deal with confusion and uneasiness. His personal motto is: “Make things simple”. Through meditation. you achieve a certain level of peace that will make you reconnect with your true self, to your own feelings, thoughts, and instincts.


2. Classical Music

This is a personal preference for me. I started acquiring this idea when I was watching The Pirates of Silicon Valley. In one scene in the movie, Steve Jobs was in such a bad mood, madness, and untamed patience, and he tried to calm himself by listening to a classical piano music. In my own experience, my personal favorite is the Canon in D Major played in piano or violin would surely soothe my mind.

3. Reading

Now when I say reading, this doesn’t mean go pick an informative read, no, that would just increase the clutter in your head. What I suggest is that you pick a book that will distract you from everything and will bring your focus to a whole different thing. Light and easy read are the best. I enjoyed reading The Book of Awesome — this book will make you realize that the little things in life are what actually matters, and it tells just about a lot of awesome things that we tend to overlook in life. Sometimes, it’s true that when you are not thinking about your problem, and you are enjoying your peaceful time, the answers come.


4. Stop Reading

Contradictory as this might seem, this is totally on this list. But if you’ve been reading all along this article, you would already know what I mean. When you are overthinking, you tend to go to Google and look for different solutions to your problems, finding how others solved theirs and three hours later you’re still stuck and now your mind has no idea how to process all those information you’ve just read. So stop. If it’s overwhelming, stop. If it’s too much contradicting information and you don’t know which side you’re on, stop.


5. Talk to someone

Sounds cliche, doesn’t it? But your friends are part of your life for a reason. Talk to them. Pick the best friend who you think would not judge you for letting out every single thing that’s on your mind. This is effective, especially for women. Women need to talk and let out their feelings, and they need someone to listen to them and that someone is not even required to define a solution. Have a way of release.

6. Sex

Speaking of release, this one is on point. Sex is a form of release and a stress reliever. The hormones triggered such as dopamine and oxytocin will generate feelings of love and bonding which will eventually calm your nerves down(afterward 😉 ) and lower your stress levels. Lucky for those who have partners, but for those who are single and won’t consider these options, you are free to jump to the next item.

7. Take a walk

One of the best ways is to just get up and take a walk. Leave your thoughts behind and let your eyes wander. Feel the spring breeze, hear the chirping birds, let the howling wind touch your skin, and let peace consume you. Before you know it, the answer has come to you.



Whatever it is that is distracting you right now, it will eventually come to an end. Like how life ends, so before it’s over, let us try to make the most we can have out of it.