Midnight Intimacy


It’s the middle of the night and you sit still. Earphones plugged into your ears, you listen to a looping music to ease the numbing silence. Ignoring what happened during the day and seeking the serenity you have been craving for. This is perfect.

When serenity finally surrounds you and you’re in the zone, you finally get the lost awareness buried by the stack of daily chores and responsibilites. You love the peacefulness. You wish you could always live in this state in forever. You know you can’t so you pretend this is your little forever. That will do the brain trick to ease your mind. And it’s alright this way.

You close your eyes and little by little, you make sense of everything that is happening in your life, in yourself and in your relationships. When your eyes open, nothing else matters anymore. You are all that matter, you are in a place and moment only you can recognize. Suddenly reality presents itself in front of you, wanting your attention and time. And you want this, in fact, you’ve been waiting for this sacred time only you and yourself can have. This is yours, not anybody else’s. Claim it. Tend to it. Love the moment. Seize the time.